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"Busy Bears Nursery works in Partnership with our parents/carers to provide the best start."

Enquiry to Start date

At Busy Bears Nursery we are happy to provide parents / carers with a showaround of  the setting, once you are  happy one of our management  team will provide you with settling in dates. Your first

                                                                     visits will be for your 

                                                                     child to get to know      

                                                                     their key person and

                                                                                  explore the room and                                                                            meet their new friends,                                                                        this is when you will                                                                              complete  your child's

                                                                     registration pack,

                                                                     health declaration,

                                                                      permission slips, emergency contacts and much more.  The second visit will be for you to drop them to nursery for a one hour period so that they get use to being left and can build up the trust that you will return for them after they've enjoyed some time with their key person.  Your key person will lead your settling in sessions and if your child needs more they will discuss this and arrange this with you.


Mobile phones

Personal mobile phones, cameras and video recording equipment (including smart watches) cannot be used within the setting, we ask all parents not to bring mobile phones into the setting when dropping or collecting children.

Notifying us of Absence

If your child is going to be

absent from nursery we

ask you to email or call the

setting no later than

10.00am why your child will

be absent and when you

think they will return.Your

child's attendance will be

recorded on your child's

record on our data base for monitoring purposes.


If you're unable to collect

If the person collecting is new to us we will ask that you email over a picture plus their name address and contact numbers and we will add

these to our system it's important that you send this information over as they will not be able to  gain entry into the setting and your child will not be released into their care. 


Illness and Exclusion

If your child becomes ill in our care we will call you to let you know, we will care for your child until you arrive to collect.  If your child has an illness that may be contagious the following will apply;


 For sickness - We will contact you following 1 bout of sickness.

  For diarrhoea - We will contact you following 3 bouts of diarrhoea

we follow the Health Protection agency guidance for exclusion periods.


Administering medication

Busy Bears Nursery will only administer prescribed medication . You

child will be allowed back into nursery once they have been on the medication for  48 hours. You will be  required to complete a

medication form on arrival. Medication will be administered for the duration detailed on the prescription label calculated from date medication was dispensed.  Busy Bears Nursery will administer one dose if the medication is three times a day and two doses if the medication is four times a day.


If your child develops a temperature over of 38c or above we will contact you for permission to administer calpol, we require you to then collect your child from  nursery within 1 hour.



Busy Bears Nursery will complete a Health Care Plan with you during

                                                                   will be completed during

                                                                   your first visit to find out

                                                                   everything about your

                                                                   child's allergens and

                                                                   allergy symptoms so that

                                                                   we can minimise the risk

                                                                   of exposure and

                                                                   understand what

                                                                   treatment to apply should                                                                    they have a reaction in                                                                        our care.

Arriving early

The staff at Busy Bears Nursery  are unable to let you in before your session time starts so if you arrive early please wait to be let in to the setting.  

Collecting late

If you are running late please telephone the nursery and let us know, we will wait with your child until your safe arrival.  If you are persistently late, twice or more you will be charged a £40 late fee.


Contacting us out of hours

The most reliable form of communication out of hours is email us, Facebook and telephone is not a reliable method of out of hours.  Our emails aren't monitored however they are checked periodically, if you have an emergency or safeguarding concern we would always advise to contact the police.


Charges for snacks and meals

Snacks and meals are included in our full day care price however they are charged separately for funding only sessions.


Bookings and cancellations

Staffing rota's are set in advance therefore we require 7 days notice to book or cancel extra sessions wherever possible. Set monthly bookings cannot be cancelled.


Complaints, comments and suggestions

In the first instance we ask all parents to raise any concerns with their key person who will attempt to resolve matters immediately for you. If you feel that there is no improvement we ask parents to escalate concerns to one of our management team who will endeavour to resolve matters immediately for you. If you feel that again there are still no improvements we ask you to put your concerns in writing to our Director Rita who will contact you immediately to establish more information and will resolve matters for you. If you are still unsatisfied then we encourage our parents to contact ofsted to raise your concerns;


Tel: 0300 123 1231

Or you can write to Ofsted:


Piccadilly Gate

Store Street

Manchester M1 2WD


Safeguarding the Children

If we are concerned about something your child has shared with us, we will in the first instance speak to you to establish more information, if we feel that this would put your child at risk we would share our concerns following the procedures outlined on the BSCB (Birmingham Safeguarding Childrens Board).  

40, Vicarage Road 

Kings Heath 

Birminghambirmignham England 

B14 7RA

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